pure air is essential for your health

Air purifiers clean your air of harmful allergens and impurities so you can breathe healthier.

However, the first step is knowing what is going on in your home. With our carefully designed and placed sensors, you'll have full-home coverage all connected through the Hub, and available all the time.

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Our Airthings Integrated Kit includes everything needed to monitor the indoor air quality inside your home on your smart device. Connected monitoring for multi-room coverage includes radon detection, TVOC monitoring, plus temperature and humidity data.

Additionally, the Airthings App now tracks pollen levels on your smartphone so you can more easily plan outdoor activities and prepare to meet increased pollen levels inside your home as well.

Combined Air Quality Control
Airthings has brought together three of its most popular devices into a single home-monitoring kit.

Airthings Wave: This smart radon detector/monitor provides continuous monitoring of radon levels and provides visual and auditory alerts.

Airthings Wave Mini: Real-time monitoring of harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as well as temperature and humidity in all your lived-in spaces.

Airthings Hub: Bring it all together online with Hub and access all data on-demand anytime, from anywhere.

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LakeAir Manufactures High Quality Air Purifiers for the home. They protect your family from viruses, smoke, dust, pollen, mold, VOCs, and just about any kind of indoor air pollution.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) describes the content of the interior air that could affect the health and comfort of your home or workplace. IAQ may be compromised by microbial contaminants, chemicals, allergens, and many other stressors that can cause health risks. Indoor air pollutants are associated with many health risks including asthma and allergies. Recent findings have demonstrated that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air and is often a greater health hazard than outdoor settings. Using ventilation, filtration, and source control to dilute contaminants are the primary methods for improving indoor air quality in most buildings.

Maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment in your home requires integrating many components of a complex system. Indoor environment problems are preventable and solvable. Practical guidance on how to manage your building for good indoor environmental quality is available. We can assist you, call us.




The AIRCARE 5-Gallon Humidifier takes the hassle out of whole-house humidification. Variable output covers up to 4,000 square feet, so you can set it once and enjoy comfortable air all season long. With Auto Mode, set the digital humidistat to your desired humidity level and let the AIRCARE go to work. Choose from a high, medium, or whisper-quiet low fan setting. It is available in brushed nickel to match any home's decor.

Comfort and Safety
The AIRCARE 5-Gallon Humidifier makes maintaining ideal humidity levels easy:

Easy Refills: Uses a patented 2-bottle tank system. The water bottles are easy to fill from sink taps, which means no more lugging and filling enormous tanks.
Refill Indicator Light: Always know when it is time to refill.
No-Worries Filtration: The HDC-12 filter is specially treated to prevent the growth of mold and mildew inside the unit without producing dust.

Additional Features
Large Reservoir: A 5 gallon-capacity means fewer refills to worry about.
Auto-Shutoff: The unit shuts off automatically when it's time to refill.
Auto-Dryout: Eliminates stagnant water.
Clean Filter Indicator: "Check Filter" indicator helps prevent mold and mildew.



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The tankless IW25-4 IN-Wall/ON-Wall dehumidifiers were designed to help reduce unsafe humidity quietly, inconspicuously, and inexpensively.
Reducing humidity levels before  the room air enters the Air Conditioning System
eases the load on equipment,
extends system life, and saves you money.

Innovative Dehumidifier Systems is dedicated to providing superior humidity control products and services with a 5-year warranty.

Features Include:
Recesses IN-Wall or Mounts ON-Wall
Designed to fit: 16″ studs or Hang ON the wall
Installs easily for new construction or retrofit applications
Sound levels less than 45 dBA*
ETL listed
Uses R134A Refrigerant 190G
Durable front cover w/ metal chassis
On/Off switch & humidity control behind the front cover
Built-in digital humidistat
MERV-8 air filter
Washable and reusable filter
Automatic restart (in the event of power failure)
Drains directly to plumbing


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